How do I turn off popup blockers when PDF’s won’t display?

The most common cause of “missing” PDF files (from reports, etc.) is having popup blockers turned on within your browser.

To fix this issue, find Options or Preferences; you may use the following resources for browser-specific guidance:

Also, please double check vintrace isn’t open in a second window where the PDF is just reloading behind the current window you have open.

If you are still having difficulties, please contact us at and include the version of the browser you are using (you can usually find this under your browser’s Help – About).

How do I remove a fruit booking?

If you haven’t received any fruit against a booking you can simply mark it as inactive. Open up the Fruit Intake Console click on the down arrow next to Arrive, select Booking  > Edit and select the inactive box.

If you have received fruit against a booking in error you may want it removed from the fruit intake console in its entirety. Again click the down arrow next to Arrive, select Completed Intakes and then Reverse.

For information on fixing the wrong details of a Fruit Intake, click here.

If you have already performed a crush/press operation, you will need to perform a rollback. For more information on reversing (rolling back) a fruit crush/press operation, click here.

How do I change the date on a completed operation?

If you’ve completed an operation and accidentally entered the incorrect date you can use the Fix Date button to adjust it. First locate the completed operation from the History tab in the Product Overview or alternatively from the Scheduled Task Worklist. Click the View button and next to the date there will be a Fix Date button


You will then be prompted to enter in a new date. This will be restricted to a certain range depending on what date/time the previous operations have been recorded on.

How do I combine barrels or barrel groups into a single barrel group?

To combine multiple single barrels into a barrel group or even to combine barrel groups themselves you can use the Multi Transfer (Many-to-One) operation under the operations menu.

Select each of the single barrels or barrel groups on the source vessel side of the window. Complete the Out volume for each ensuring that you enter the full amounts for full transfers.

Many to One

If you select a barrel group and only wish to break out some of the barrels from the group use the barrel selection button to choose from a list.


The list selection window will look similar to:


After you have your source vessels set you can define the new barrel group configuration. Use the New button that appears to the Vessel field to create a barrel group inline.

The New Barrel Group Window will be displayed.

New Barrel Group

Give the new barrel group a code (we recommend suffixing the code with a (BG) ). Tip if you select a batch/lot code before clicking on the new button VINx2 will automatically suggest an appropriate barrel group code for you.

Add all of the barrels you wish to combine into this new group using either the Add button (to use the Barrel search) or the List button where you can type them straight in.

Once you’ve created your barrel group make sure you set the In volume on under the Destination Vessel details and calculate any loss using the Loss calculate button in the very bottom right of the window.

Upon saving you will have combined barrels or the selected barrel groups into one new single barrel group.

How do I correct/fix a composition or vintage for a wine that was received in bulk or imported?

Before you can correct a composition or vintage error on wine received in bulk or imported, you first need to find it. This can be difficult if the original juice/wine has been blended away into a new batch or dispatched.

Assuming you know the batch, you may use the Historic Details by heading into Search – Product Overview). The last section gives you access to inactive batches.

If you know the name of the batch, you may enter it into the Historic details batch field:

Find one batch - historic details

If you don’t know the name of the batch but you do know that it was a bulk intake somewhere between 1 January and 1 May, you may use the “filter by operations”:

Find multiple batches - historic details

Locate the batch and click the blue link representing the bulk intake.

Correct Composition on Intake

This will open the Product Overview. Go to the History tab and click View on the intake event.

Click Correct and go to the Composition tab
Correct Composition

All of the fields outlined above may be edited.

Note: If adding lines to represent additional composition elements, ensure that all elements add up to 100%. You may use the Calculator to assist you.

Enter the reason for the correction (just as with any intake correction) and save.

If you don’t have the permission for this function or can’t see the correct button please contact your local vintrace administrator or vintrace support.


How do I reverse or change an additive / addition to a wine after I’ve saved it?

Additions made to a wine that have been saved in vintrace can only be reversed and then re-recorded. It’s a fairly simple procedure to reverse the add.

Find the wine using the Quick search or other means and then click the History in the Product Overview. Click the View option for the additive operation you wish to reverse. You’ll see a read only view of the operation entry screen. From here, if you have the appropriate permissions, you can Reverse/Undo the job. You’ll be asked to give a reason for the reversal.

After you’ve reversed the operation, re-record the job by using the Operations button from within the Product Overview. Generally there is no need to recreate a cellar note / work order if you’re only correcting a data entry error.


How do I swap two wine batch codes around?

Probably the easiest way is to rename the batches as this will filter throughout the history and will make it look like they were always in that batch.

To do that, look up the first of the wines and click the (Tree) option at the top to expand the batch tree on left. Select the batch itself and then click Edit. You’ll need to rename it to the other batch but with a “-” or something on the end so it doesn’t clash with the second batch. Next, find the second wine and do the same but rename it to the first batch as is. No need for a “-” or anything. Finally, find the first wine again and get rid of the dash on the end.

The other option would be use the change batch operation but that will only have the new batch for all future operations (not those in the past).

If you have two wines that each have the right history but you need to swap the codes around then you can use the Change batch operation.

Use the quicksearch to find the first wine, then select Operations –> Change batch from the Product Overview.

Select the wine batch you want to change this wine to in the To Wine Batch field.

Then make sure you do the same for the other wine.

How do I fix the wrong detail on a fruit intake?

It’s easy to correct most things on a fruit intake such as the wrong weight, wrong fruit source information or even the truck/delivery details.

Open the Fruit Intake Console, find the fruit intake using the search options, click the down arrow and select Completed intakes > Correct. To remove an incorrectly entered intake you can the Reverse option

All other changes are OK even if the fruit is already crushed.